Altamaha Bass

Altamaha bass (and Bartram’s bass) have striking coloration differences relative to the Mobile Basin and Chattahoochee redeye species. Altamaha bass do not have any bright chromatic coloration in their fins, but do have a small amount of burnt orange coloration on the anterior distal edges of soft dorsal, anal, and caudal fins. This coloration is mostly present in juveniles and becomes less visible in adults. There is no spotting in the caudal fin. Once Altamaha bass reach 3 inches in total length, their vertical blotch patterns are less elongated.

These special fish are also dealing with major hybridization events due to the introduction of non-native Alabama bass. This is one of the most under-studied species of redeye bass, so we really don’t know to what extent Altamaha bass populations have been affected by these introductions.